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CALL FOR PAPERS: The 4th ICoSI 2020 (26th-27th August 2020 in Yogyakarta)

Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta ( UMY) proudly presents The 4th International Conference on Sustainable Innovation ( ICoSI 2020)

The 4th ICoSI 2020 provides the platform for researchers, lecturer, students to present their work and research. Selected papers will be published in Scopus/ WOS proceedings and Scopus indexed Journals

This event is going to be held on 26-27th August 2020 at UMY, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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CALL FOR PAPERS: ICT 27th International Conference on Telecommunications (April 20th-22nd in Bali, Indonesia)

We are facing an exploding growth of image and multimedia signal processing in these recent years. These advancements are induced by new generation of computations, i.e. deep neural computing and learning representation approaches. The deep learning drives to a new trend in the computer vision task, image/signal, as well as multimedia processing. The image and multimedia signal processing allow wider range of algorithm developments into some advanced applications. It enables us to access and exploit some useful information from imaging data. Despite of enhancing the quality of imaging data, we are also able to perform high level cognitive tasks such as classification, recognition and analysis of multimedia data.
Intelligent algorithms profoundly change the way of tackling and solving a rich variety of challenging problems in the image and multimedia signal processing. This new paradigm exploits some “intelligent” or “model-free” techniques for solving the complex problems or even poorly formalized using mathematical model. The intelligent algorithm overcomes this aforementioned problem by simply using the automated generated features obtained from learning process. The generated features, somehow, are more robust compared to that of the human hand-crafted and engineered features. This special session offers a forum for scientists and researchers to disseminate the emerging research fronts precipitated, but not limited to the following cores:

• Deep learning
• Learning representation
• Visual neural computing
• Neural network-based multimedia systems
• Intelligent image and multimedia signal processing
• Ill-posed inverse imaging, signal, and multimedia problem
• Sparse coding and representation
• Dictionary and sparsity learning
• Image, signal, and multimedia denoising
• Inpainting problem
• Colorization of imaging and signal data
• Quality enhancement
• Efficient compressing and coding
• Information security of imaging and multimedia data
• Secret sharing and watermarking
• Nature-inspired image and multimedia signal processing
• Metaheuristics-driven image and multimedia signal processing

Special sessions submission deadline : January 21, 2020
Acceptance notification : February 21, 2020
Camera-ready deadline : March 1, 2020

Acceptance will be based on full paper. Prospective authors are invited to submit high-quality original technical papers following the rules of the Main Track. All presented papers will be published in ICT 2020 Proceedings and IEEE Xplore.

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Call For Paper. The Conference Scientific Committee (CSC) welcomes submission of abstracts for presentations in technical and poster session. This conferences promotes “Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development Goals” as its theme and will invite approximately 200 participants, both within and outside Indonesia. This conferences will be held for one day, with the main agenda consisting of plenary sessions and technical session.

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Call For Paper. Dalam rangka meningkatkan peran aktif perguruan tinggi dalam penelitian dan mengembangkan teknologi, maka Fakultas Teknik Universitas Pancasila akan melaksanakan kegiatan The 5th International Conference Innovation Research on Science, Technology and Culture ( IRSTC ) 2019 yang akan dihadiri oleh 5 negara.

Ruang lingkup konferensi akan mencakup engineering , manufacture, maintenance, economic, culture engineering dan management aspect. IRSTC 2019 diselenggarakan pada tanggal 11-13 November 2019 di Universitas Pancasila , Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta.

Untuk lebih lengkap bisa dilihat pada pamflet dibawah ini :

Pamflet IRSTC 2019